ELITE Timepieces

The goal of this project is to examine the unique attributes of a luxury brand and integrate them into a new, appealing brand, as expressed through its touch points. A primary outcome is to create desire with the touch points of the brand.

Date Field
Spring 2021 Branding, UI/UX, 3D Design
Type Client
Individual project Ferris State University project
Brand Story

The economy of Germany is the largest manufacturing economy in Europe. ELITE is unique because it pays tribute to the German culture by including the buyer in every step of the manufacturing process. From mining the natural resources only found in Germany, to hand-stitching the leather band, ELITE provides an engaging and involved assembly process that will attach the buyer and their timepiece from start to finish.

Brand Identity


This brandmark’s geometric features allude to the various pieces required for the final product. It has crisp, pure features to represent the refined and luxurious timepiece the buyer receives.


The primary brand color represents power, stability and strength. Other grayscale values are used to represent machinery and the manufacturing aspect of the brand.

Product Imagery

Product imagery and materials, such as marble, symbolize tradition and refined taste, as well as promotes the high-end, luxurious materials instilled in the timepieces.



Industrial machinery mixed with product imagery and typography entice the viewer as soon as they land on the ELITE website.

Live Page

The primary function of the website is watching live footage of your custom timepiece being made. Buyers can also view past clips and descriptions, as well as find out more information about each watch, the materials, and the technology being used in the watches on the site.


Confirmation letters are sent out from the CEO to customers after an order is placed. Only 100 models are produced a year so these are exciting letters to receive after likely waiting for an extended period of time.

Business Cards

Business cards utilize letterpress printing to create a memorable effect that a customer would want to keep. The three dimensional blocky effect also represents the pieces being put together to make a watch.

Retail Space

Retail stores are located in wealthy cities around Europe, like Paris, Munich, and Amsterdam. Once inside the store, the display case shows live video of watches being made and pre-recorded clips of the full manufacturing process.


Advertisements, like this one, are be placed on busy walkways at high-end sporting events, like tennis and horse racing.