Ferris Outfitters is a unique experience for students at Ferris State university offering a one-stop shop for spirit gear, school supplies, snacks, and student services. Previously known as the Ferris State university Bookstore, Ferris Outfitters is now a separate entity from the bookstore.
To be the most distinctive and memorable campus store that provides a valuable experience to students, faculty, and alumni of Ferris State university.
Value Proposition
Ferris Outfitters is the only one-stop-shop on campus that provides customers with products and services all in one convenient location.
Target Audience
Through research and initial client discussions, we categorized a vast group of users into 3 main groups: Students, alumni, and locals. It’s these three users that we focused on when creating the brand and overall experience.
The likely majority user, students interact with this store the most for daily needs like snacks and drinks, to more necessary items like school supplies.
Ferris has an excellent alumni network with individuals who invest a lot of time into their alma mater. This group comes to the store for memorabilia, clothing, and more.
Being a small town, Big Rapids residents (or townies) serve as passionate fans of Ferris athletics. The store offers lots of spirit gear for their favorite team.
Brand Workshop
In order to determine an appropriate attitude for the store, we asked our client to particpate in a brand workshop activity. We listed out different adjectives on a spectrum and asked them to estimate where the brand stands. The results jumpstarted our ideas for brand visuals, as well as settled on values and tone of voice.
Based on the exercise, we found the brand core values to be progressiveness, personalization, loyalty, convenience, and intuitiveness.
Tone & Manner
As for tone & manner, we landed on the following descriptive words: bold, inclusive, informative, enthusiastic, and bright
As we began to think about the brand visuals more, we had to consider the location of the store. Ferris Outfitters is in the University Center at the center of campus. We decided it would be innapropriate to stray too far away from Ferris State’s color scheme. So, we considered our options and decided on a complimentary color palette that branches off of Ferris’s primary colors.
Looking back at the values we originally established, typography was designed to exude similar feelings. We wanted it to look bold while also being accessible and legible. We also worked with a copywriter to come up with a strategy for headlines.
The photography style is intended to be fun and engaging. We worked with a student photographer who did an excellent job illuminating the cheerful nature of the brand.
Retail Environment
The original store sign sat atop the doorway of the main store entrance, but had very limited space. As a solution, we decided on a clear acrylic sign on the large open wall. This results in a much better use of space and more attractive signage.
Since the store is loacted inside a multipurpose building, Ferris Outfitters also needed signage on the outside of the University Center.
Other signage around the store utilizes a combination of photography, color, and type to intrigue our users and invite them into the store.
Digital Marketing
Similarly, we created a system for different types of marketing materials. These easy-to-use templates help maintain consistency for those in charge of designing them.
Branded Assets
We distributed our branding and emblem mark on other touchpoints, like an employee shirt, shopping bag, and subscription box.