ACE Financial Advising

ACE Financial is an advising service that serves educators and their financial needs. The goal was to create a brand manual demonstrating the brand elements and portray the brand assets in a unique and memorable fashion.

Date Field
Spring 2021 Branding, Print, UI Design
Type Client
Individual project Ferris State University project


Our mission is to support educators by helping them stabilize their personal finances and save for retirement. Our experience and expertise lets us properly advise teachers through personal relationships while exhibiting trust, honesty, and dedication.

Value Proposition

Ace Financial provides a strategic approach for young educators looking to pay off student loans and pursue a more advanced degree by budgeting your personal finances and maximizing your income throughout all stages of your career.

Brand Identity


I began brainstorming brandmarks that hit on both topics associated with the brand: financial advising and teachers. Here are a few of the original ideas that attempted to display a school-like feel, while also being professional and appealing to the target audience. While these iterations did not end up in the final, they served as good explorations that eventually led me to the final version.


I borrowed inspiration from old stamps teachers used to give their students on graded papers. Some would say “Nice job!” or “Great!” They also featured stars and other visual devices to support the idea. After looking through some teacher stamps I found, I began exploring an emblem mark that looks visually similar.


Friendly faces should be the main focal point of advertisements. These should serve as welcoming faces that are ready to help clients with their needs.


ACE Financial presents itself in a personalized way that makes teachers feel right at home. Marketing pieces feature welcoming faces of teachers to showcase their diverse clientele. The website gives general information about the service and directs teachers to schedule an initial consultation with an advisor.



The storefront should use brick and other school building features to represent the brand. Big open windows implore prospective clients to come inside and sit down with a staff member.

Interior design

The indoor space should be a familiar view for teachers and administrators. Most of these individuals see office spaces daily, so they will feel comfortable when walking into a location. Oak wood furniture, large glass windows and cozy seating will make this an enjoyable place for clients to enter.

Branded Assets

These name tags and masks keep the fun yet professional look, which the target audience will enjoy.


Stationery and business cards utilize the brand colors and type to appear sophisticated, while also keeping that fun and bright energy

Brand manual

The brand manual goes into more details, such as color, typography, imagery, and tone & voice. Click here to view the full book.